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Our Vision Doctors

Dr. Robert Jacobs and Dr. Duc Nguyen have been practicing developmental optometry, also known as behavioral optometry or neuro-optometry, in McLean, Virginia, collectively for more than 50 years. In addition to general vision care for the entire family, our practice provides specialized care in the following areas: learning-related vision issues, care of patients with TBI or post-concussion symptoms, and sports-related vision improvement. Our patients are referred by many types of professionals including: psychologists, educators, neurologists, speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors and nutritionists. Our largest referral source has always been former patients.

Our Approach to Optometry

Our one-on-one approach to optometry makes the doctors and their vision team the vision care providers of choice in the McLean and greater northern Virginia area. The office is also conveniently located to serve patients in nearby Maryland (Bethesda/Rockville) as well as Washington, DC. Our McLean office offers the following vision care services: full developmental and behavioral vision evaluations, general vision examinations for adults and children, glasses and contacts lenses, myopia control, optometric vision therapy for all ages, and vision evaluations/vision therapy for traumatic brain-injury and concussion patients. For a complete list of services, visit our services page or call our McLean office at (703) 988-7744.

At the Neuro Optometry and Vision Development Center, we are dedicated to providing high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment. Call us at (703) 988-7744 or schedule an appointment today online.

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